About us

Insaf media pvt. Ltd. Is a growing media and entertainment networks. insaf media is incorporated 5 march 2019 and cin –U72900MH2019PTC322138. Rajesh kumar is representing of insaf media. he has fifteen years’ experience of  media and entertainment industries. Insaf media is iconic Brands Insaf News, Humaara bharat and youth dhamaal. Insaf news is news and current affairs tv channel, which is covrage in politics, sports, business and entertainment, Breaking news and analysis programs. Humaara Baharat is entertainment tv channel which presents of tv series, comedy, crime, realty show and family drama more. Youth dhamaal is ott platform and music channel, as a like web series, music video, films, news, tv show. Digital entertainment platform. insaf media is motion pictures distribution all India across 3000 more theatre single screen and multiplex cinema hall. Outright and commission bases released movie in theatre