Employee Engagement

 We offer our employees an exponential growth and a rewarding career within the system which is performance driven. We also acquire regular perception and feedback from employees on practices, culture and career growth, which is then used to set a standard in order to formulate our HR activities and policies

We handhold each new employee, providing them quick and valuable insights about the organisation. The aim behind this is to ensure their seamless transition within the organisation’s culture and to help our employees identify their goals in a collaborative and proactive manner

We run a series of innovative campaigns that capture the imagination of youth and keep them engaged. Insaf Media prides itself not only on its disruptive and differentiated content, but also its progressive people practices

The Employee Engagement Survey is a survey aimed at keeping the employees happy by asking their opinion about company policies and the way forward. The survey helps the organization understand the employees’ voices across demographics and functions. we don’t give up any opportunity to learn from others and ourselves.

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